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I bought an Austrian hunting jacket in Brussels a long time ago. It was a nice jacket though a bit bland.  On a whim I thought maybe the Waxirika artist at the local market could do some beading on it to liven it up.  That jacket quickly turned into a work of art and every time I wear it I feel a huge sense of honor and feel like I’m protected by magic talismans of insane complex color and geometric compositions.  More or less during that time we found a Vietnam Era jacket in solid green at a flea market in Cananea, Sonora. Andrea decorated this jacket and the result was  equally stunning.  In Brussels we found an army surplus store full not only of Belgian army stuff but uniforms of all the NATO countries.These jackets are smaller, more tailored and fitted. It’s important to keep  in mind that Andreas work is done  in glass beads, not plastic.

Andrea de la Cruz

Bead Full Option.jpeg
opener apperal_edited.jpg
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